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Buying a computer is a lot like buying a car; it takes time to get the right fit and once you are comfortable with your choice, you are usually happy to stay with it until it no longer functions. While the technology behind the automotive industry doesn't change drastically from year to year, the same can certainly not be said of our computer technology. With advancements being made almost daily, today's top of the line system can become tomorrow's fall behind, and sometimes you are perfectly happy with the choice you have made, but wish you could just give it a slight overhaul to keep up. In addition to technology constantly changing, our needs can differ from the time we bought out machine to the present day – most notably in the storage area. Much like with a smartphone, we often under-estimate the amount of information we will need to keep, or just how large those video files from our digital camera really are. With popular applications and new music being produced all the time, it's no wonder we fill up our current hard drives so quickly! Luckily there is a solution in the form of a Seagate portable external hard drive for those who do not wish to change the schematics of how the manufacturer built their computer.
Seagate Expansion 1TB USB 3.0 Black Portable Hard Drive STBX1000101
In years past, hard drives, especially those capable of holding large quantities of information, were large, bulky, and unattractive, being hidden away under computer desks and far too physically imposing to pick up and move to another location, especially one outside the home. However not the models of today! The Seagate expansion 1TB black portable hard drive is designed for functionality and practicality, while maintaining the highest standards you've come to expect. Compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista, this versatile portable hard drive is capable of transferring information at top speeds via a 3.0 USB port, and for those who are running systems without that advanced technology; it will still deliver superior performance via the standard 2.0 USB port as well. Weighing less than half a pound and measuring in at less than a very sleek five square inches, this hard drive is easy to take with you wherever life leads, while providing ample 1TB storage and boasting 5400RPM.
Another attractive benefit is the ease of installation, which requires no software download or discs on your part as the drive is automatically recognized by Windows. When traveling with your laptop it can sometimes be difficult to find an electrical outlet but the makers of this drive thought of that – creating the device to derive its power source directly via the USB cable, making it the perfect accessory on the go, and easily allowing you to disconnect from your current system to transfer files from one computer to the next, hassle free.
Consider the Seagate Expansion 1TB USB 3.0 Black Portable Hard Drive STBX1000101 for your storage needs today – you will be very glad you did!
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